Tildy Wilson is an audacious, curvaceous Aussie Bridget Jones meets AbFab’s Edie Monsoon – who when confronted with life-altering changes, models the courage to explore all her options in pursuit of her best life. Tildy is the protagonist in two novels I wrote, Baking at Midnight: The Misadventures of Tildy Wilson, and it’s sequel, Breakfast at Tildy’s: The Misadventures Continue. Both novels present topics and comedic situations perfectly suited to being fleshed out and adapted into 30-minute TV episodes or a feature length film. As a TV show or film, Tildy’s ironic take on American pop-culture offers wide ranging subject matter that is current, sustainable and marketable to a highly desirable American and international audience. Here is the Tildy TV Concept and the Tildy Feature Film Concept.


Aren’t You …..’s mum? is a documentary proposal which explores the following: Mothers everywhere tell a universal story when they talk about their relationship with their grown daughters. But not all mother-daughter stories are set against the backdrop of a daughter’s celebrity.