Louise Ross introduces her second Rom-Com novel, Breakfast at Tildy’s: The Misadventures Continue, and her protagonist the irrepressible Tildy Wilson.

Excerpt 1: Tildy has just arrived in Australia where she’ll be spending Christmas and New Year with her parents, Beaty and Frank Wilson, at the family home in the bayside suburb of Port Melbourne.

Excerpt 2: Tildy has not long arrived in Australia where she’s staying with her parents, Beaty and Frank Wilson. It’s summer and it’s hot and Tildy has walked to beach where she’s fallen asleep in the sun.

Excerpt 3: Tildy and her mum Beaty have spent the morning on the beach having a very big chat about Tildy’s life. Now back at the house, Tildy is checking to see if there’s an email from her love, Nikov Niković, the seductive Croatian émigré.

Excerpt 4: The Wilson family has spent a hot, summery Christmas day together exchanging gifts and over-indulging on Champagne and lots of rich food. Tildy’s mum Beaty is now suffering the consequences.

Excerpt 5: Tildy is back in Colorado, where she lives, struggling to deal with the loss of her mum Beaty who died from an untimely heart attack. Isa Rubenstein, her bossy best friend from New York, calls to check on her. They banter like crabby sisters.

Excerpt 6: Since her return from Australia, Tildy has been surly and sad over the loss of her mum, Beaty, from a heart attack. Best friend, Isa Rubenstein, is worried about Tildy. In the effort to cheer her up, Isa has called upon their friends to gather at Tildy’s apartment.

Excerpt 7: It’s a new week and Tildy is ready to face the world after holing up in her apartment, grieving the untimely death of her mum, Beaty. She’s also had a session with her personal development coach from whom she’s received encouragement to consider an idea that her love, Nikov, proposed.

Excerpt 8: Nikov and Tildy have opened their breakfast and lunch café, which they’ve called Breakfast at Tildy’s. Nikov’s extended family is visiting from Europe to celebrate. Tildy’s widower dad, Frank, is also visiting Boulder, enjoying some much-needed social time. Nikov, happy in life, and in love, has made another proposal to Tildy.

Excerpt 9: Tildy’s father Frank takes Sara (Tildy’s sister) up on her idea that he visit with the Wongs, (Wilson family friends) who are in Hong Kong on business. Tildy jumps at the opportunity to accompany Frank, for reasons that will become clear.

Excerpt 10: Tildy has been grappling with some personal issues while traveling with Frank, her father. She’s also received word from her best friend Isa Rubenstein saying that she and Greg have decided to take a mini-break and that they want to rendezvous with Tildy in Hong Kong.